NDICEA 6.2 is available only for Windows 98 or later versions.
The program will be located at C:\program files\Ndicea PP. On the desk a shortcut will be placed.

The rotation and field documents will be saved under My documents\Ndicea

Download NDICEA, version 6.2.1, ca. 6 MB

You have to registrate yourself with your emailaddress. This is free and your address will only be used for irregular mailings concerning the development of the NDICEA programm.
If you already registered before, you can just fill in your emailaddress


Here you can find a short manual in PDF format.

Here you can find an extended description of the interpretation of the NDICEA results in PDF format (will be made available soon).

Her findes en beskrivelse af hvordan man fortolker NDICEA's resultater i PDF-format (på dansk / in Danish)

Here you can find a short Danish manual in PDF format.

Technical model description

NDICEA Nitrogen Planner 6.1.5 is the user-friendly version of the original Ndicea 4. If you are interested in the technical model description of Ndicea 4: in the downloadable Windows-helpfile (ca. 100 kB) you'll find a description with formulas.

You can also download the original program Ndicea 4 with the help-file in one zip-file (450 kB). After downloading and extracting, it is not required to install the program. Just click on ndicea.exe and the program will start. Be careful: the interface of the original version 4 is completely different from the new nr. 6 and not inviting.

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